Quyen - early childhood educator

Quyen Huu Nguyen has taught every age group into adulthood and yet it is that early childhood phase, when children are learning to talk, that fascinates him the most. 

“I get to know them very well and I see their developmental stages and that is the really interesting part of the job,” says Quyen, who works as an early childhood teacher at Community Kids Early Education Centre in Western Sydney.

Quyen trained as high school teacher in Vietnam, but after coming to Australia decided to study primary school teaching at Western Sydney University. Then, an internship at Penrith City Council developing an e-learning program put him in contact with pre-school children. He’s never looked back.

Quyen - Early Childhood Educator

Quyen finds it rewarding to work with children when they are going through their most rapid development phase, between babyhood to six years of age.His ambition is to be part of the management team, allowing him to use his skills to oversee, develop and deliver the best outcomes for the children under his care. 

“You don’t see that much development in high school. But, from nought to six years of age, their development changes really fast. It is not just about physical development, but it is also about language, social and emotional development.”

Getting young children ready for “big school” is an important function of childcare and preschool. When Quyen taught in primary school, he saw many children who were still struggling with literacy and numeracy.

"It is very satisfying knowing that I am contributing to and making a difference in their learning development."