APS Employee Census

WGEA scores highly in the 2019 APS Employee Census

The APS Employee Census surveys all APS employees, including our team at WGEA, to gather feedback on their perceptions about leadership, workplace conditions, culture and environment. The Census results assist with framing priorities and areas of focus for future workforce and workplace initiatives at the Agency.

Some of the WGEA Team - Data Launch Event Sydney 2019

2019 Results

Our Agency scored at the top end out of all APS agencies. 

With strong participation by our staff (88% response rate), we can be confident that the results identify what we are doing well and what we can do better. Our participation also means that we are contributing to the whole-of-APS data set and the State of the Service Report.

WGEA has a proactive approach to our Employee Census results, sharing them with all staff and actively consulting with them to develop our annual Employee Census Action Plan.

Our scores:

APC Census 2019 - employee engagement score 88%

Engagement: This isn’t just about how much people like working for WGEA. It is a measure of the emotional connection and commitment employees have to working with us.

APC Census 2019 - wellbeing index score 82%

Wellbeing: Provides a measure of wellbeing for our team. It measures both the practical and cultural elements that allow for a sustainable healthy working environment.

APC Census 2019 - innovation index score 84%

Innovation: Assesses whether employees feel willing and able to be innovative and whether we have a culture which enables them to be so.

WGEA is committed to working with our team to continue to make WGEA a great place to work. 

You can see our full results here: