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The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act) provides for employees and employee organisations with members in an employer's workplace to be able to comment to employer, or to WGEA, on the employer's report. (WGEA suggests that in the first instance, comments be made directly to the employer.)


i. Comments must relate directly to an employer's report. (For complaints relating to an individual case of discrimination or a similar matter, contact agencies such as the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Australian Human Rights Commission.)

ii. WGEA will determine if a comment needs to be actioned based on the relevance of the comment to the employer's report and the degree or likelihood that the Agency dealing with the comment will result in improved accuracy or completeness of the report.

iii. WGEA can deal with comments as follows:
a. by taking them into account when assessing compliance
b. when determining if a review is to be conducted of a relevant employer's compliance with the Act
c. by deciding to take no action

iv. The Agency will not respond to comments individually.

v. All personal information submitted on the comments submission form will be kept strictly confidential.

Refer to the Comments Guidelines for further details including information on how your comment will be handled.

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