Action on pay equity

More organisations analyse gender pay gaps

There was solid growth in the number of employers analysing their payroll data for gender pay gaps (up 3.1pp to 44.7%). Of these, over six in ten reported taking action as a result of their pay gap analysis (up 1.8pp to 60.5%). However, an action gap remains: 39.5% of employers who undertook a pay gap analysis then took no action to address it.

More organisations with formal strategies for pay equity

The number of organisations implementing formal policies and/or strategies on remuneration with specific pay equity objectives is increasing. 62.7% of organisations report having a formal policy and/or strategy on remuneration (up 1.1pp). Of these organisations, 40.9% now have pay equity objectives in their remuneration policy or strategy.

2019 Scorecard chart 8 - action on pay equity