Unit-level Workplace Profile Q&A Session 11 May



Do you have any questions about the Unit-level Workplace Profile template? The Agency is running a live Q&A session about the Unit-level Workplace Profile to assist reporting organisations in preparing for the upcoming compliance report and to answer questions about how to complete and submit the Unit-level Workplace Profile. These sessions will provide a brief overview of Workplace Profile templates, followed by answers to common questions about the Unit-level file and a live Q&A with Agency staff.

It is recommended that you watch the Workplace Profile explainer video series prior to attending the event.

You can submit your questions prior to the Q&A session by emailing WGEA-Education@wgea.gov.au. Please note: if your questions relate to your organisation's specific circumstances we will not be able to answer these. You are welcome to get it touch with us by emailing support@wgea.gov.au or login into WGEA Portal and lodge a Support Request and we will get back to you.

Note: If you plan on using the Payroll-aligned Workplace Profile, please register for our Payroll-aligned Workplace Profile Q&A session on 18 May.

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