1.5 How can I prepare?

Confirm your organisation’s details

Organisations that report to the Agency are required to keep their details up to date. After logging in to the WGEA portal you can select the tab ‘Organisation’ to view all details and make any necessary changes. You can change who will be your primary report contact, add or remove report contacts and update information on things such as emails, phone numbers and addresses.

Some details such as updating a new CEO/head of business or ABN/legal name and reporting hierarchy changes are sent as requests for the Agency to review before making the change. This does not hold up the submission of your report as you can still report online while the changes are being reviewed.

As you prepare your compliance report, you may need to collect data from internal stakeholders, such as payroll, finance or the CEO.

Prepare your data

You can choose to submit your workplace profile as either unit level or aggregated data. Whichever option you choose, the public report will only show an aggregated table and will not include remuneration data. 

We recommend you prepare your data offline with our workplace profile worksheets (download below). The worksheets give you full control of your data, including the sort, find and replace functions. You can also utilise our salary calculator to calculate annualised, full-time equivalent salaries (download below). 

Once you have completed this, you must copy and paste your data into either the unit level or aggregated data template generated by the online portal. This template is encrypted and cannot sort, find or replace data.


Salary calculator

This calculator helps organisations convert the salaries of casual, part-time, contract or part-year employees to annualised, full-time equivalent salaries for use in the workplace profile.

Reporting questionnaire

If you would like to prepare your answers ahead of time offline you can download this word version of the reporting questionnaire.