1.4 How do I register and log in?

Relevant employers must report online using our secure portal that keeps a record of your reports and tracks data over time. To do this you must log into the WGEA portal using a myGovID. If this is the first time your organisation has reported to WGEA, you will also need to register. 

Register with WGEA

If your organisation has not reported its data previously you will need to register with the Agency to be set up to do so:

  • Please download the New Organisation Cover Sheet (see below) and complete with the required information about the organisation submitting the report along with information on any parent or subsidiary in your group that has employees - you can send completed forms to wgea@wgea.gov.au
  • Alternatively, you can log in with your myGovID to the secure portal and this will prompt you to provide information for an organisation that has not previously reported.


Get a myGovID

From December 2019, new digital authentication services myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) will replace AUSkey. These new services provide secure, simple and flexible access to government online services.

This means that from early December 2019, in order to access the Agency’s reporting portal, including your organisation’s Competitor Analysis Benchmark Reports, you must have a myGovID and your organisation will need to be linked to the ATO via the RAM system.

Visit abr.gov.au/mynewkey to set up your myGovID or call the ATO on 1300 287 539.

Tips for setting up your myGovID

  • Have your myGovID linked to your organisation. Your ‘principle authority’ will need to provide authorisation for you to act on behalf of the business (find out more here: mygovid.gov.au/what-can-i-use-it-for).
  • We recommend the person who authorises for you to act on behalf of the business uses your work email address (especially if it is different to the email address you used when setting up your myGovID). Instructions for your authoriser are at info.authorisationmanager.gov.au/authorising-a-user
  • If you act for more than one reporting organisation you need to make sure that you are given authorisation for each ABN. When you login with your myGovID simply choose the relevant organisation on which you are reporting from the drop down list that displays. You will then enter the Agency portal to report for that organisation.
  • If you are having trouble with your myGovID, please go to the help section of the myGovID website.

Issues with myGovID 

Unfortunately, due to privacy laws, WGEA staff are unable to assist you with any enquiries regarding the new authentication services or the transition process.

If you have questions or concerns about the changeover process, or about myGovID and RAM, please contact the ATO on 1300 287 539.

Log into the WGEA portal

To log into the WGEA portal:

  1. click ‘Portal login’ from the top right corner of the Agency website
  2. you will be redirected to a confirmation and then to the Australian Business Register website to select your myGovID credential
  3. enter your password and click ‘continue’ to be directed to the WGEA portal
  4. the tab ‘Reporting’ will contain all the necessary steps for you to submit your data.

Issues logging in

myGovID is a government security credential issued by the Australian Business Register and may not work if changes to your network or system have recently occurred.

If there are no redirects from the WGEA website please ensure that the full web address ‘www.wgea.gov.au’ is in the URL.

If you experience any errors please try clearing your internet cache, or try using a different browser, or verifying the Java version on your system and update if necessary.

For issues relating to the login installation or the software itself please contact the ATO directly for assistance on 1300 287 539.