2. Completing your workplace profile

Your workplace profile is a snapshot of your workforce on any one date during the 12-month reporting period. You must complete the workplace profile in Excel format. Our online portal will only let you upload the Excel template it generates. 

For each employee, you will need to report their occupational category, reporting level to the CEO (for managers only), gender, if they are an apprentice or part of a graduate program, their employment status and their annualised full-time equivalent base salary and total remuneration.

The pages below will help complete your workplace profile.


Manager categories

This document outlines how employers are required to classify and report on managers against standardised occupational categories.

Non-manager categories

This document sets out examples of employment roles that sit within each of the standardised occupational categories of non-managers.

Salary calculator

This calculator helps organisations convert the salaries of casual, part-time, contract or part-year employees to annualised, full-time equivalent salaries for use in the workplace profile.