2.6 Do I need to report on our CEO?

You will report on your CEO separately from other managers.

Examples of how to report on the CEO

Your organisation

How to report on the CEO

A union reporting on its state branches

The CEO row in your workplace profile must include the total number of branch secretaries (since they are the heads of their branch) as well as the national secretary who is reporting on those branches.

So a national office reporting on three other state branches would enter four.

Multiple CEOs

If your organisation has more than one person at the CEO level, include the total number in the CEO row.

For example, an organisation with two CEOs would enter two.

Multiple organisations with unique ABNs in the corporate structure

The number of CEOs you report on should at least equal the number of organisations. This is because each employing subsidiary must have its own CEO.

If one person is the CEO for multiple subsidiaries, report on them as if they were a separate person for each subsidiary.

But if a CEO of one subsidiary is also a KMP of the parent organisation, only report on them as CEO in the subsidiary’s report. Do not include them as a KMP in the parent organisation’s report.

If you are a parent organisation reporting on your subsidiaries, count all CEOs including your own CEO and enter that total in the CEO row.

Multiple business names that operate as separate enterprises but have the same ABN

This sometimes happens with organisations such as schools and nursing homes. Submit only one report for all enterprises that operate under this ABN.

Count the CEO of each business name (such as the principal of each school) and enter the total in the CEO row.

For example, five schools operating under one ABN would enter five.

No CEO in Australia

If an organisation has been placed into administration and there is no CEO/head of business, you can enter a zero in the CEO row.