2.2 Should I prepare unit-level or aggregated data?

Organisations will need to choose to prepare unit-level or aggregated data as your workplace profile.

  • Unit-level data: this is the simplest way to complete your workplace profile. It involves uploading a single Excel table listing one employee per line. Once uploaded, the online system generates the aggregated tables from your unit level data and automatically calculates the relevant remuneration totals. 
  • Aggregated data: this involves uploading two Excel tables (one for managers and one for non-managers). Employers need to calculate the average base salary and average total remuneration for each category. 

More detailed instructions on preparing unit-level and aggregated data are provided here. For either option, we recommend you prepare your data using the workplace profile worksheets (download below).

Workplace profile worksheets

These are the blank workplace profile template worksheets for both the unit level and aggregated options to be used to prepare your workplace profile data.