3.8 How do I meet GEI 5?


GEI 5 relates to consultation with employees on workplace gender equality issues. 


Q15: Consult your employees

Question 15 asks if you have consulted your employees about gender equality issues in the workplace during the reporting period. Issues can include:

  • parental leave entitlements and related processes, like keep-in-touch and return-to-work programs
  • flexible working arrangements
  • gender pay equity 
  • representation of women in management 
  • recruitment of women in non-traditional areas
  • sex-based harassment and discrimination.

Consultation gives you information about your employees’ views on:

  • the workplace overall
  • what is working well 
  • what could be done better.

Question 15.1 then asks how you have consulted with your employees on these issues. Methods can include:

  • one-on-one, toolbox or town hall meetings with staff
  • consultative committees or groups
  • performance discussions
  • exit interviews
  • focus groups
  • surveys.

If you answered yes to question 15, question 15.2 will ask you to list who you have consulted. Employee category options include:

  • all staff
  • only women 
  • only men 
  • women and men who have resigned while on parental leave
  • employee representative groups
  • diversity committee or equivalent
  • human resources manager
  • management.

You can provide more information about GEI 5 under question 15.3, but this is optional.

To learn more about consultation, see WGEA's employee engagement resources