3.9 How do I meet GEI 6?


GEI 6 relates to other matters specified by the Minister in a legislative instrument: sex-based harassment and discrimination. 


Q16: Develop a formal policy and/or strategy for an harassment- and discrimination-free workplace

Question 16 asks if you have a policy or strategy to prevent sex-based harassment and discrimination. If you answer yes, you will have a standalone policy or strategy, or include this item in another policy or strategy.

Sex-based harassment 

Sex-based harassment is sexual or non-sexual behaviour that:

  • offends
  • humiliates 
  • intimidates 
  • is unwanted 
  • is not returned. 


  • displaying or circulating sexist material, or putting it in someone’s workspace, belongings, or on a computer or fax machine
  • commenting about or verbally abusing a person or group because of their gender
  • ignoring, isolating or segregating a person or group because of their gender
  • referring to a transgender person by their previous name or gender
  • asking intrusive questions about sexual activity
  • making sexually offensive gestures
  • repeating sexual invitations to a person who has refused before
  • staring, whistling or leering in a sexual manner
  • slapping, kissing, touching or making other sexual or physical contact
  • sexual assault

An employer is ultimately responsible for ensuring a harassment-free workplace. A formal policy or strategy could include a statement that:

  • your organisation has a zero tolerance approach 
  • lists employees’ rights and obligations in this area

If you answer yes to question 16, question 16.1 will then ask if this policy or strategy includes an employee grievance process. This typically includes details on:

  • how employees can raise an issue formally or informally and know that they will not be penalised or disadvantaged because of this 
  • your harassment contact officers.

Q17: Train managers to prevent sex-based harassment and discrimination

Question 17 asks if you train all managers to prevent sex-based harassment and discrimination. We recommend that you offer workplace training for managers and all staff in this area:

  • when they are hired 
  • at least every two years.

Training includes:

  • hosting workshops
  • hosting discussion groups
  • offering online courses
  • offering e-learning modules with confirmation of completion

Training does not include:

  • emailing your staff a copy of your sex-based harassment and discrimination prevention policy 
  • sending staff a link to the policy 
  • making the policy available on the company intranet.
  • emailing your staff a copy of your sex-based harassment and discrimination prevention policy



You can provide more information about GEI 6 under question 17.1, but this is optional.