3.2 What does ‘GEI’ mean?

GEI refers to the 'gender equality indicators' specified in the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. The GEIs represent the most common areas where gender equality barriers may occur in the workplace. Your answers to the reporting questionnaire will tell us how you meet each the Act’s six GEIs. 

Gender Equality Indicators

  1. Gender composition of your workforce
  2. Gender composition of your governing bodies
  3. Equal remuneration between women and men
  4. Availability and utility of employment terms, conditions and practices relating to:
    • flexible working arrangements for employees 
    • working arrangements supporting employees with family or caring responsibilities
  5. Consultation with employees on workplace gender equality issues
  6. Any other matters specified by the Minister in a legislative instrument: sex-based harassment and discrimination

Read more about the reporting requirements under the Act here.

The resources below can also help you understand each of the GEIs.