4.7 Do I need to share the reports with employees?

The Act's notification and access requirements state relevant employers' requirements for informing employees, members and share about reporting an providing access to the report. Read more about the notification and access requirements and how to comply here

Give your employees, members and shareholders access to the public report

However you choose to tell your employees, members and shareholders about the report, make sure that the information is widely transmitted and gets to them all as soon as reasonably possible. 

You do not need to notify shareholders of your subsidiaries or make your public report available to them, except where they are also your parent company’s shareholders. 

While the Act does not define a member, we use the term to mean any:

  • registered members of non-shareholding corporations
  • members of associations incorporated under State and Territory legislation
  • people in an unincorporated association
  • members of clubs, professional associations and credit unions

Means of notification




  • employee newsletters
  • intranet or website link
  • workplace meetings
  • any other normal ways you communicate with them.
  • your next annual report
  • on your corporate website.
  • intranet or website link
  • a hard copy of the report
  • your annual report if they would ordinarily receive it.



Notify employee organisations 

An employee organisation is:

  • any employee group registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009
  • typically a trade union.

We do not require you to identify and notify all possible employee organisations. But you must include those that you could be reasonably expected to know about.

See our suggestions for complying with notification and access requirements for more information.

Invite comments

When you tell your employees or employee organisations that you have lodged your report, you must also invite them to comment on it to you or to us. We suggest that any comments go to you first so that you can address any errors or inaccuracies. 

If an employee makes a comment to you, you:

  • are responsible for creating an internal process or procedure to handle it 
  • do not need to tell us
  • can change your online report as a result.

There is no time limit for making comments, but any that come in within 28 days of the report can affect it if:

  • we request more information to review your compliance
  • you can change your online report. 

If you must change your online report, you:

  • have 28 days after you first submit it to do so
  • do not have to give the revised report to your employees, shareholders or members
  • do not have to tell any relevant employee organisations about it.

If an employee makes a comment to us, we do not have to communicate this to you.

To comment on a report, see our comment guidelines and form here.