4.8 How do I download my reports?

Our secure online portal is where we collect your reports and deliver your confidential Competitor Analysis Benchmark Reports (CABRs). Only personnel from a reporting organisation with a current myGovID can access the online portal and download this information. But we publish the public version of your compliance reports on our website.

You can access public reports on our website here, and as well as our data explorer for more industry insights. 

Public reports include:

  • workforce composition data
  • your reporting questionnaire answers
  • aggregated remuneration and gender pay gap data that does not disclose anything about a specific person or employer

Public reports do not include:

  • personal information
  • remuneration data, unless you’ve given written permission 
  • other information excluded by the Minister in a legislative instrumen

By publishing aggregated remuneration and gender pay gap data, we can develop resources on pay equity to benefit you and other employers.