5.4 How do I meet the minimum standards?

The Workplace Gender Equality (Minimum Standards) Instrument 2014 sets the minimum standard for the GEIs listed below and in the reporting questionnaire. Minimum standards are:

  • extra compliance requirements for relevant employers with 500 or more employees in their corporate structure
  • the least an employer must do to show commitment to workplace gender equality and diversity.

To meet the current minimum standard, if you are a relevant employer with 500 or more employees, you must have a formal policy or strategy for at least one of the following gender equality indicators:

If you do not meet at least one of these, you have two reporting periods to improve before we deem you non-compliant. 

Understand the difference between a policy and strategy

Key term 



Is not


The guidelines, rules and procedures an organisation develops to govern its actions and outline decision-making dos and don’ts. It is:

  • widely communicated
  • available to and accessible by all staff.

Having a policy on gender equality means applying gender equity and diversity principles and practices to:

  • recruitment
  • retention
  • performance management 
  • promotions
  • identification of talent and high potentials
  • succession planning
  • training and development
  • resignations
  • key performance indicators (KPIs) for managers
  • remuneration.

An informal:

  • description of the way an organisation operates
  • undocumented process
  • set of best practices or tips for improvement.


An action plan an organisation creates to achieve one or more goals and bridge the gap between where it is and where it wants to be. It:

  • relates to how you allocate and use materials and human resources 
  • requires an executive decision.

Can include:

  • a vision or mission
  • values or principles
  • strategic objectives
  • specific actions
  • approaches, methods or enablers
  • risk and success factors
  • measures or milestones.
  • A business case
  • A SWOT analysis. 

Formal policy or strategy

A written document approved by human resources or management. A strategy can exist without a policy and a policy without a strategy. But both can coexist and support each other. 

Can be:

  • a standalone policy or strategy on gender equality
  • included in your broader diversity and inclusion strategy or policy. 

An email to all staff explaining an intent.