6. Additional resources

A number of resources and tools are available to help you understand the legislation, reporting and compliance requirements and complete your online submission.


Procurement principles and user guide

The Workplace Gender Equality Procurement Principles and User Guide (the Principles) outlines the steps employers who wish to participate in Government procurement processes must take to comply with the policy.

Workplace profile

Workplace profile worksheets

These are the blank workplace profile template worksheets for both the unit level and aggregated options to be used to prepare your workplace profile data.

Manager categories

This document outlines how employers are required to classify and report on managers against standardised occupational categories.

Non-manager categories

This document sets out examples of employment roles that sit within each of the standardised occupational categories of non-managers.

Salary calculator

This calculator helps organisations convert the salaries of casual, part-time, contract or part-year employees to annualised, full-time equivalent salaries for use in the workplace profile.

Reporting questionnaire

Reporting questionnaire

If you would like to prepare your answers ahead of time offline you can download this word version of the reporting questionnaire.

Understanding the GEIs

If you need help related to any GEI, see the guidance on our website, including: