An overview of the Guide to Reporting. 

To meet the reporting requirements under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012relevant employers must report annually to the Agency. 

This guide is designed to help you understand and complete each step in the reporting process, providing detailed instructions and useful resources. We recommend that you explore each section in the left-hand menu of this page. 

Reporting at a glance

To submit your report, you must use our secure online portal by logging into the WGEA portal using a myGovID. 

The six steps below appear in the portal when you have logged in and have started your submission via the 'Reporting' tab.

Six steps to reporting

1. Confirm organisation details

Start by confirming the pre-populated details or update your organisation's details via the 'Organisation' tab of the online portal. 

2. Complete the workplace profile

Your workplace profile is an Excel worksheet designed to capture information on your employees:  managers and non-managers; managers’ reporting level to the CEO/ head of business; gender; employment status and annualised and full-time equivalent base salary and total remuneration. 

3. Complete the reporting questionnaire

The reporting questionnaire is a 17-question survey related to your organisation’s policies and strategies, employee movements, governing bodies, employer actions and consultations, as well as support for flexible working, carers and parents as well as policies for sex based harassment and family or domestic violence.

4. Complete the notification and access requirements

By ticking the relevant box in this section, relevant employers approve the notification and access requirements page be included in the public report. There is also a free text box to list relevant employee organisations if applicable. Public reports are available on the Agency’s website towards the end of the calendar year for the previous reporting period. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide access to the report to employees and members or shareholders via their own channels.

5. Confirm CEO sign-off

Relevant employers acknowledge that the report has been signed by the relevant CEO by adding her/his name and ticking the relevant box. An acting CEO of the relevant employer will also be able to sign the public report. The signed report is what the employer is required to make available to employees and shareholders or members.

6. Submit your report

Finally, click on the 'submit' button in step 6 to officially lodge your compliance report. Once the report has been submitted, employers can access both the public and confidential versions from the bottom of the 'Reporting summary' page of the portal. 

After submitting your report to the Agency, all data is reviewed for potential data errors or anomalies. You may receive an email asking you to edit your submission to resolve any anomalies and re-upload your report. If there are no data quality anomalies, you will receive the WGEA compliance letter 28 days after submission of your report.


Additional resources are provided throughout the guide to help you understand and complete each step. You can also download the full suite of reporting resources here

Salary calculator

This calculator helps organisations convert the salaries of casual, part-time, contract or part-year employees to annualised, full-time equivalent salaries for use in the workplace profile.