Applying for Employer of Choice


To be eligible to apply for this citation, organisations must be compliant with the Act and must meet all criteria. 

The citation application process is separate from compliance reporting. As a result, the compliance reports do not contain any validations for WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) eligibility. 

Any employer who believes they meet the criteria is able to complete and submit an EOCGE application.

Where there is a criterion, your organisation will need to confirm it meets the criterion and provide supporting information. Please download the EOCGE guide to citation document below to determine your eligibility. 


This year, the EOCGE application process will look a little different! In 2021, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) will officially launch the brand new WGEA Portal for you to manage WGEA compliance reporting and Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation applications.

However, we are inviting all organisations applying for EOCGE in 2020 to have early access to the new WGEA Portal for your upcoming application.

Pilot process

If you are interested in applying for the EOCGE citation this year, please provide your details in the EOCGE Expression of Interest form (this does not obligate you to apply, it is an indication of your interest only). We will be in touch with you before September with the details on how to access the new WGEA Portal and enrol in the EOCGE program. This process is for this year only.

Complete the EOCGE Expression of Interest

1st: Submit the expression of interest form on behalf of your organisation. 2nd: We will get in touch with you about the access details. 3rd: The new Portal will be unlocked early for your organisation.


This year, EOCGE applications can be submitted in the new WGEA Portal between 1 and 15 October. In the meantime you can prepare your application using the Word version of the EOCGE criteria which will be available soon.


The online questionnaire comprises a series of questions under seven focus areas and an examination of the employees' lived experience. In answering questions you will need to confirm you meet that prerequisite. For all other questions, you will need to provide an answer, regardless of whether or not that initiative/process is in place in your organisation. To prepare for the online application, an offline questionnaire will be available soon.

The Agency will conduct a 15 minute telephone interview with the CEO of organisations applying for the citation for the first time or where a CEO is new and has not participated in an EOCGE interview for that organisation. Additionally, as part of the assessment process, the Agency will continue to conduct interviews with a small number of randomly selected CEOs of current citation holders to assess their ongoing leadership commitment. 


The revised citation is awarded for two years, with applications from new applicants accepted each year.

Successful applicants will enjoy recognition as an EOCGE employer and be authorised to use the EOCGE logo for a period of 24 months from the announcement date of the successful application.


The total fee for two years is $3900 (including GST). Half of this fee ($1950) is payable on submission of your application and the other half is payable in the interim year. A separate invoice for $1950 will be issued in the interim year. (If the application fee is a barrier to applying for the EOCGE citation, please contact WGEA to discuss further.)

EOCGE documents

The 2020-22 EOCGE checklist and 2020-22 EOCGE questionnaire will be available soon.

WGEA EOCGE guide to citation

This document has been prepared as a guide for organisations to determine their eligibility for the EOCGE citation.