Negotiate on pay and know your value

There is a gender pay gap favouring men in every industry and occupational category in Australia. In nearly every industry, this gender pay gap begins at graduation.

Close to 40% of Australians’ pay is set by negotiation between individuals and their employer. Data shows gender pay gaps are wider when employee pay is set by an individual agreement.

Even when pay is set by award or collective agreement, there may be some room to negotiate starting level or work conditions.

Therefore, it is very important that employees know their value and make gender equality their business from day one.


  • Check the Higher Education Enrolments and Graduate Labour Market Statistics fact sheet to see graduate gender pay gaps in your field
  • Know your worth: benchmark your salary expectations against your peers and not against your salary history
  • Advocate for yourself and be clear about what you are asking for
  • Consider non-financial conditions in your negotiation, such as flexible working arrangements
  • Participate in negotiation training.