2019-20 Competitor Analysis Benchmark Reports

As we are improving the WGEA Portal and our reporting systems, we have also been updating your CAB reports to improve the utility and relevance of the benchmarking information you receive.

In the interim, the Agency is not able to produce your usual CAB Reports for the 2019-20 reporting period. However, you are still able to access the information and insights contained in the report. To access your organisation’s confidential gender pay gap information you will need to contact the Agency by logging into the WGEA Portal. Confidential gender pay gap information includes your organisation’s:

  • organisational pay gap;
  • the gender pay gap for all manager categories and/or
  • the gender pay gap for all non-manager categories.

For information on how to login to the Portal, read: How do I login to the WGEA Portal. After logging in:

  • Click the Lodge a request button, in the yellow box on the right hand side of the homepage.
  • When a pop-up box appears, click General enquiries.
  • From the 'request type' drop-down menu, select I have data request and subject field CAB Report.

For all other benchmarking information you can use our Data Explorer, which allows you to see your organisation’s public data (excluding salary data) in an interactive format. Visit data.wgea.gov.au to find out more. 

Using the Data Explorer

You can find your organisation’s public data, industry data and workforce data on the Data Explorer. You can also compare your data against other organisations or industries.

Access Data Explorer here: https://data.wgea.gov.au/home

To help you make the best use of the Data Explorer, we have created a handy guide to help you navigate the data. Access the guide below: