New reporting system survey results are in

Last month we invited all report contacts to complete a survey on the current online reporting system and the results are in.

We received a great response from report contacts and the survey received over 1000 responses.

Respondents told us what works well and what does not and their vision for the re-development of our data reporting system.

Thank you to all those who took part in this survey. The insights you have provided are invaluable to our system re-development.


  • Some of the most common issue respondents experienced when completing and submitting their report were people were frustrated by the time-outs and system freezes they experience when trying to submit and the difficulties associated with uploading the workplace profile.
  • HR, finance and payroll software providers have assisted 242 respondents by making changes to allow for easier reporting. However, interestingly 40 percent of respondents have not ever asked for this kind of help.
  • The top five things respondents wanted to see from our new system were:
    • The process to be as automated as possible
    • The system to align with their own HR, finance and/or payroll systems
    • Workplace profile errors are easier to correct
    • The system alerts users to errors faster
    • User-friendly screen design.

With this feedback in hand, we are excited to continue on this journey to building a system that works for the people who use it.