The latest 'addition': the gender pay gap calculator

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (‘the Agency’) has relaunched one of its most utilised resources: the gender pay gap calculator. The Agency has developed the gender pay gap calculator to assist employers to identify and analyse the causes of gender pay gaps within their own organisation.

‘Addressing pay equity underpins our diversity success, and understanding and addressing unconscious bias is a critical component. You need to audit the relevant data to know where the issues are and take action,’ Wayne Spanner, Managing Partner, Norton Rose Fullbright.

Analysing your own organisation’s gender pay gaps is a critical step in taking action to address pay equity. An organisation cannot effectively begin this journey without looking at the data and understanding what exactly is driving any gender pay gaps.

It is important for all organisations – even those who don’t believe they have gender pay gaps – to look at your data. You may be surprised by the results.

‘CEOs make decisions based on fact. Before you dismiss pay equity as not being a problem in your organisation, you have to look at the data,’ Andrew Stevens, former CEO, IBM.

What does the calculator do?

The specific purpose of the calculator is to identify your organisation’s gender pay gaps. The calculator will assist you in identify:

  • gender representation gaps across the entire organisation, and by key organisational variables
  • actual gender pay differentials by level, and key organisational variables
  • relative gender pay gaps by level, and key organisational variables

The Agency’s gender pay gap calculator allows you to conduct additional analysis by including variables such as performance, tenure, and state location.

I have analysed my data, now what?

Data analysis is just one of the six steps to addressing pay equity.

The Agency’s 2017-18 dataset showed that while pay equity analysis was on the rise (up to 42.6%), over 40% of those organisations took no action to close the gap.

One your organisation has identified the gaps, it is time to establish goals, strategies and actions to manage and improve gender pay equity in your organisation. Use The Agency’s Guide to gender pay equity to step you through the rest of the journey.

The gender pay gap calculator now available on the Agency’s website. Download the free resource today!

Gender pay gap calculator