Your Competitor Analysis Benchmark (CAB) report will be available soon

Are you looking for the old public reports? Due to website changes we are no longer able to produce public reports in the old format, however most the same data is available in our Data Explorer. If there is additional data that you would like or can not seem to find, please fill in a data request form, send it to and Agency staff will be happy to assist you with the data request.

We know you are eagerly waiting to view your CAB reports and we are working hard to bring them to you.

As we are improving our reporting systems to make it easier for you to use, we are also updating your CAB reports. This year, your CAB report will look a little different. It will contain your organisational pay gap; the gender pay gap for all manager categories and the gender pay gap for all non-manager categories. For other information and benchmarking, please see our Data Explorer guide. We hope to bring the new look CAB reports to you by early January however, we will keep you updated if they are ready sooner.

Using Data Explorer

Whilst we finalise the new CAB reports, you can find organisational data, industry data and workforce data and you can compare your data with other organisations or industries.

Access Data Explorer here:

To help you make the best use of the data explorer, we have created a handy guide to help you navigate the data.