8.1 Completing the Questionnaire

Response options are typically in a ‘tick a box’ or ‘yes/no’ format, with optional ‘free-text’ boxes throughout for additional information. All mandatory questions must be answered for the Questionnaire to be marked as completed. An asterisk (*) denotes the questions that are mandatory.

  • The questions do not have to be completed in order and the Questionnaire does not have to be completed all at once or by the same person.
  • Work is continuously saved as the Questionnaire is completed.

Please read and answer each question carefully. Further information is provided throughout the Questionnaire to understand key concepts and accurately answer each question.

8.1.1 Pre-population of answers

Some questions in the Questionnaire will be pre-populated with responses from the previous reporting period.

  • Report contacts are encouraged to review these questions and the pre-populated responses to ensure the responses are still accurate. Changes can be made to the pre-populated responses if needed.
  • There are pre-populated responses which require review in the following sections of the Questionnaire: Policies and Strategies, Flexible Work, Support for Carers, Sex-based Harassment and Discrimination, and Family or Domestic Violence.

All other questions in the Questionnaire do not have pre-populated responses. Where questions are mandatory, please respond.

8.1.2 Voluntary questions and answers

The Questionnaire contains several voluntary questions that you may choose to answer. Any voluntary response that is considered sensitive or that raises privacy issues (for example it could be used to identify any individual employee) or is subject to the confidentiality provisions under the Act is not published by the Agency in public reports.

Once the Questionnaire section is complete you can generate two types of PDF document reports that will appear in the 'Data and Insights' tab of the Portal:

  • Questionnaire – Public Report: includes responses to all mandatory questions in the Questionnaire. This report forms part of your ‘public report’ and is shared as part of your organisation's notification and access requirements.
  • Questionnaire – Confidential: includes responses to all mandatory and voluntary questions in the reporting Questionnaire (i.e. all answers provided). You are not required to use this version of the questionnaire for notification and access requirements.