Meet minimum standard

The Workplace Gender Equality (Minimum Standards) Instrument 2014 sets the minimum standard for the areas listed below in the reporting questionnaire. The minimum standard is:

  • an extra compliance requirement for relevant employers with 500 or more employees in their corporate structure
  • the least an employer must do to show commitment to workplace gender equality and diversity.

If you are a relevant employer with 500 or more employees, you must have a formal policy or strategy in at least one of the following minimum standards:

  Question Minimum standard
  1.1 - 1.9

Asks if you have formal policies or strategies to support gender equality in at least one of the nine different areas:

  • recruitment
  • retention
  • performance management
  • promotions
  • identification of talent and high potential employees
  • succession planning
  • training and development
  • gender equality KPIs for managers
  • gender equality overall.
  3, 3.1

Asks if you have a formal policy or strategy on remuneration and if it includes gender pay equity goals. Gender pay equity is when women and men receive equal pay for work of the same or similar value


Asks if you have a formal policy or strategy to support employees with family and caring responsibilities. This relates to an employee’s role as the parent (biological, step, adoptive or foster), guardian or carer of:

  • a child
  • a parent
  • a spouse or domestic partner
  • a close relative
  • anyone else dependent on them for care.

Asks if you have a policy or strategy to prevent sex-based harassment and discrimination. As an employer, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring a harassment-free workplace.

If you do not meet the minimum standard by having a policy or strategy in place in one of these areas, you have two reporting periods to improve before you risk becoming non-compliant.