Provide accurate data

Standardised reporting under the Act lets us give you:

  • customised, confidential Competitor Analysis Benchmark Reports (CABRs) to help you understand your relative performance and set strategies for long-term change
  • aggregated national public benchmark data by industry (industry data is also publicly available in our Data Explorer)

But quality CABRs depend on the data you give us in your report. To ensure benchmark data is meaningful and comparable over time, you must:

  • accurately classify your employees in the manager and non-manager categories in section 2.3 for each entity in a corporate structure
  • accurately calculate remuneration data in your workplace profile
  • make sure your answers in the questionnaire reflect shared industry interpretations of key workplace gender equality concepts and terms.

When you upload your workplace profile to our online portal in line with section 1.4, we will:

  • validate your data
  • tell you about possible data entry or quality errors.

For more information, see the data quality troubleshooting section of our website.