Making changes to your reporting questionnaire

  1. Click on the 'green (completed) tick' to the right of section '3. Reporting questionnaire'. From within the reporting questionnaire pop up module, you will land on the last page of the questionnaire. This is indicated by the last yellow circle at the top of the page. Each of these circles corresponds with a gender equality indicator (GEI) and also one page of the questionnaire.
  2. Navigate to the sections containing your errors and make amendments as required, you can refer to the question number in the email you received to locate the answer you will need to amend.
  3. Click on the last grey circle, then click on 'Submit' to ensure your revised questionnaire is added back in to your report. This will return you to the ‘reporting summary’ page.
  4. Once you have completed all amendments to your report, you must click the 'Resubmit' button next to Step 6. This will ensure your report is resubmitted in full. You can then log out of the portal.