Reporting level to CEO/Head of business is not consecutive

The reporting levels to the CEO/head of business should not have any missing numerals. 

or example, '-1, -2, -3' NOT '0, -1, -3, -4' where '-2' is missing. A manager that reports directly to the CEO/Head of business would be identified as '-1', with managers who report to that manager being '-2'. 

Reporting levels do not need to be consecutive, just that no levels are missing.

How to resolve the error

Check to ensure that no reporting levels are missing .

If you find an error, amend and re-upload your workplace profile template and resubmit your report.

Example of a legitimate reason for the error

Equity partners usually occupy an entire reporting level. For example, they represent the entire '-1' level as they report directly to the CEO/head of business. Equity partners are captured in question 2.4 in the reporting questionnaire.