Total remuneration is low

Given the base salary data, the averaged total remuneration figure is lower than expected.

Total remuneration usually equals the base salary plus 9.5% superannuation and other additional payments such as overtime and bonuses.

How to resolve the error

Check that pro-rata remuneration payments such as superannuation have been annualised for employees who have worked for part of the reporting period, and converted to full-time equivalent for part-time employees(including casual workers).

If you find an error, amend and re-upload your workplace profile template and resubmit your report.

Example of a legitimate reason for the error

If an employee earns less than $450 per month, superannuation is not legally required to be paid. In this case, base salary and total remuneration may be the same.

There may be other circumstances where superannuation is not legally required.