Equal Pay Day

Each year we calculate the national gender pay gap and the date of Equal Pay Day using the latest Average Weekly Earnings seasonally adjusted data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Equal Pay Day marks the additional days from the end of the previous financial year that women must work, on average, to earn the same amount as men earned that year. 

Equal Pay Day 2021

Key Facts

  • The national gender pay gap is 14.2%. 
  • On average, women working full-time earned $1,575.50 while men working full-time earned $1837.00.
  • Full-time average weekly earnings difference between women and men is $261.50.

2021 Theme: #WhatsYourPayGap

Our theme for Equal Pay Day this year is ‘What’s your pay gap?’ 

We’re calling on all Australians to ask #WhatsYourPayGap in their workplaces and industries as a crucial step towards bridging this divide. Does your workplace measure and act to address its gender pay gap?  

The gender pay gap signifies the fact that the work of women is not treated as being of equal value to that of men. Closing the pay gap is about fairness – the work of Australian women deserves to be equally and fairly valued in our workplaces. 

One way employers can act to close their pay gap is to conduct a gender pay audit to help identify and address discriminatory pay, so women are equally compensated and valued. Find out how in our Guide to gender pay equality

    The gender pay gap explained:

    You can access more videos on our YouTube channel.

    How can you support Equal Pay Day this year?

    This Equal Pay Day we are encouraging everyone to get involved on social media.  

    Remember to use the hashtags #EqualPayDay, #WhatsYourPayGap and #GenderPayGap and tag us @WGEAgency so we can see your posts. 

    Here are some ways you can join the campaign to close the gender pay gap: 

    • Tell us what you would do if you had an extra $261.50 per week 
    • The gender pay gap is currently 14.2%. That means women earned more than $13,000 less than men last financial year. Tell us what you would do with an extra $13,000 a year by recording a video or writing a post about it.  
    • We have provided a printable sign below (or you can make your own sign) to hold up in your photo or video. Remember to tag us @WGEAgency and use #EqualPayDay, #WhatsYourPayGap and #GenderPayGap so we can see you getting involved in the fight to close the gender pay gap! 

    Spread the news 

    On Equal Pay Day, post one of our graphics, or take your own photo or video to post on your social media. Tell your friends, family and followers that it’s Equal Pay Day.  

    Example post for employees: Today is #EqualPayDay! Women had to work about two months more than men to earn the same amount. I’m going to WGEA’s website to find out if my employer has done a pay gap analysis and is acting on the findings #WhatsYourPayGap #GenderPayGap. @WGEAgency 

    Example post for employers: Today is #EqualPayDay! This year’s theme is #WhatsYourPayGap. We will be joining the fight to close the #GenderPayGap by conducting a pay audit and taking action to close our organisation’s pay gap. @WGEAgency 

    Share our video

    We know there is some confusion surrounding the gender pay gap, so we have created an animation to explain what the gender pay gap is, how we calculate it and what factors contribute to it. Share the video on your social media platform so your friends, family and followers can learn about the gender pay gap too. 

    Example post for employees: It’s #EqualPayDay and the #GenderPayGap is 14.2%. This animation is a great introduction to what it is and why it exists. There’s more to it than equal pay for equal work! #WhatsYourPayGap @WGEAgency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSbA5rq8U3A 

    Example post for employers: This #EqualPayDay [your organisation] is learning about the #GenderPayGap. This animation is a great introduction to what it is and why it exists. #WhatsYourPayGap @WGEAgency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSbA5rq8U3A 

    Remember to use the hashtags #EqualPayDay, #WhatsYourPayGap and #GenderPayGap and tag us @WGEAgency so we can see your posts. 


    Social media graphics

    Equal Pay Day 2021 graphic 1
    Equal Pay Day 2021 graphic 2
    Equal Pay Day 2021 graphic 3


    A4 printout sign

    Equal Pay Day 2021 A4 print out sign

    Equal Pay Day Resources

    The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (‘the Agency’) has relaunched one of its most utilised resources: the gender pay gap calculator. The Agency has developed the gender pay gap calculator to assist employers to identify and analyse the causes of gender pay gaps within their own organisation.