Pay equity for CEOs

Six ways to demonstrate your leadership:

  1. Commit to the end-to-end process of addressing pay equity.
  2. Role model the removal of biases during the performance management process and the annual remuneration review.
  3. Role model the removal of biases around part-time work and flexible working arrangements.
  4. Actively communicate internally and externally on the importance of ensuring equal remuneration between women and men.
  5. Hold management to account on addressing any pay equity issues and removing bias in pay and performance decisions.
  6. Remove the roadblocks for your HR team to address pay equity issues.


Six immediate actions to take:

  1. Take ownership of pay equity.
  2. Place pay equity on the next executive team agenda.
  3. Request your HR team conduct a pay equity analysis and report back to you.
  4. Direct your HR team to the “Addressing pay equity” WGEA page.
  5. Commit to developing an action plan to address any gender pay gaps identified.
  6. Include metrics on gender pay equity in your report to the Board.


Five red flags to look out for:

  1. No gender pay gap analyses are conducted.
  2. Your team tells you ‘there are no gender pay gaps’.
  3. Remuneration policies and procedures do not specifically address pay equity.
  4. Inadequate (or no) action has been taken to address pay inequities.
  5. Gender pay gaps are ‘explained’ but not investigated and ‘justified’.
Guide to gender pay equity

This guide will help you diagnose the status of pay equity in your organisation, set goals, and take practical steps to improve pay equity as part of your gender equality strategy.