Pay equity for Managers

Gender pay gaps: checklist for managers

The following checklist outlines actions individual managers can take to ensure they are actively involved in the removal of gender bias from pay and performance decisions


When Action
  • talk to your HR / team about pay equity
  • obtain and review your organisation’s remuneration policy
  • ask for a data analysis to be conducted for your division, department or team
  • work through the causes of like-for-like gaps
  • identify specific actions to address these causes
  • check in with your own assumptions and views on part-time and flexible work arrangements
  • support pregnant women and mothers returning to work to continue to be valued members of the workforce with access to the same opportunities as their colleagues
  • talk to your team about what your organisation is doing
  • consider whether higher remuneration for greater tenure is justified
  • role model the utilisation of flexible working arrangements
  • train managers in how to manage employees who adopt flexible work practices
  • build an inclusive culture and call out any resistance to employees on part-time or flexible working arrangement

At time of commencement

  • check that graduates are starting at the same salary
  • look at the impact the commencement salary will have on like-for-like gender pay gaps
  • have HR review the commencement salary
At the time of promotion
  • review promotion rates by gender
  • check if part-time staff have access to the same promotion opportunities
As part of the performance management process
  • ensure KPIs are clear from the outset
  • provide regular feedback to both women and men in your team and the opportunity to improve performance
  • ensure feedback is objective and that women are not penalised for showing strength and determination
  • review performance ratings by gender to identify any bias
  • conduct performance rating calibration meetings to ensure consistency across the organisation, divisions and teams
  • review the alignment between discretionary pay and performance ratings
  • include employees on parental leave in the performance review cycle

Remuneration decisions

  • take corrective action on like-for-like gaps
  • build into your annual budget a pool for corrective action
  • ensure employees in the same or similar roles have the same access to levels and types of discretionary pay
  • consider the overall pay equity impact of each remuneration decision.


You can download a printable version of the checklist for managers below:

Guide to gender pay equity

This guide will help you diagnose the status of pay equity in your organisation, set goals, and take practical steps to improve pay equity as part of your gender equality strategy.