Analysing gender pay gaps

The critical step in taking action to address and improve pay equity in your organisation is to review the data and understand what is driving any gender pay gaps. The more detailed your analysis, the more you will be able to tailor a strategy and action plan to address your organisation’s specific issues.

The video below describes the pay gap analysis process that St Barbara began in 2007:



WGEA Gender Pay Gap Calculator

The WGEA has developed a gender pay gap calculator to assist organisations to identify and analyse the causes of the various types of organisational gender pay gaps. This guide and the calculator are focused on the steps to analyse data associated with addressing pay equity.

Note: The calculator is an excel workbook (.xlsb file) and you will require Microsoft Excel in order to open it. You may also need to enable macros.

You can also download the guide to using the WGEA Gender Pay Gap Calculator below.

Guide to gender pay equity

This guide will help you diagnose the status of pay equity in your organisation, set goals, and take practical steps to improve pay equity as part of your gender equality strategy.

Image is a decorative banner which says Guide to Australian standards on gender-inclusive job evaluation

For an objective and fair assessment of jobs, gender bias must be considered during job evaluation. If gender bias is not considered, it is possible that key dimensions of jobs typically performed by women are at risk of being undervalued. This can contributed to the perpetuation of the gender pay gap (International Labour Office, 2008).

Standards Australia  have developed standards for Gender-Inclusive Job Evaluation. To support organisations in adopting the standards, the WGEA has worked with a committee of job evaluation and equity specialists to produce a guide to the Australian Standards on gender-inclusive job evaluation and grading.

Image is decorative and depicts the cover of the guide to the Australian standards for gender inclusive job evaluation
Image is a decorative banner which says Guide to gender pay equity

The guide to pay equity (linked below) provides a step-by-step guidance to: 

  • facilitate an understanding of what is meant by gender pay gaps and the causes of gender pay gaps
  • help you identify and analyse any gender related pay gaps within your organisation, with a focus on like-for-like gender pay gaps
  • establish goals, strategies and actions to manage and  
  • improve gender pay equity in your organisation.

Image is decorative and depicts the cover of the guide to pay equity