4. Capture your vision

Before you begin to separate out issues to address, capture a gender equality vision for your organisation. A vision can be a starting point for developing a gender equality strategy.

It is important to consult widely with stakeholders and use a variety of methods to gain input from all employees. This could be done through a general employee survey and/or workshops or focus groups.

The consultation process is a public commitment to improving gender equality in your organisation and is also a forum to raise awareness of the issues and reasons for a focus on gender equality.

There are numerous ways to capture your organisation’s vision but the most common method is to create a mission statement, which usually comprises a short statement with realistic, achievable goals. It does not need to be detailed but it is important the statement is developed as part of a collaborative process with key stakeholders. This can be achieved through collaborative workshops with leaders and employees to get their buy-in and help build up a common vision that is shared across the organisation.

The mission statement process can start with blue-sky thinking but should continue to be refined until the vision is practical and achievable for your organisation.