Explore the new, self-service WGEA Portal

After more than twelve months of hard work, the Agency invites you to login and explore the new features of the WGEA Portal. The new Portal brings you an improved reporting system and self-service platform to access WGEA resources and assistance. 

What is new in the WGEA Portal?

The WGEA Portal is a self-service platform where you can access resources, view and submit your organisation's reports and lodge support requests. There are lots of helpful new features and some new terminology that you will see when you login (for information on how to login with your myGovID, read How do I access the WGEA Portal?). Below are some of those new features and terms: 

1. Programs

In the main menu of the WGEA Portal you will see a tab labelled 'Programs'. The Agency runs three programs through the WGEA Portal, including the compliance reporting program (your compliance report). The programs page also lists all other programs that your organisation may be enrolled in, such as the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality program. 

The programs page is where you complete and submit your compliance report from 1 April 2021. Within your compliance program, you can:

  • Access and complete all sections of your report. This is where you submit your Workplace Profile, Workforce Management Statistics file and complete the Questionnaire.
  • Download reports for approval and CEO sign-off.
  • View or manage your submission groups (if reporting within a corporate structure).

You can download templates for your submission and prepare most of your data early using the resources in the WGEA Knowledge Hub

2. Requests

On the Requests page you can view your support request, follow-up on the latest activity on your active support requests or lodge new support requests with the Agency. There is also a 'Live Chat' feature, where you can ask questions directly to one of our staff members via chat.

3. Organisation 

On the Organisation page you can review your organisation's details and update contact details. Parent organisations can also review legal hierarchy and add subsidiary organisations in preparation for creating submission groups.

4. Data and Insights

On the Data and Insights page you can find a range of reports, including your historic public reports, compliance letters and benchmark reports.

5. Knowledge Hub

On the Knowledge Hub page you will find all the help resources related to any activity that can be completed or accessed in the WGEA Portal.

Introducing the new Questionnaire format

The format of the Questionnaire section of your compliance report has changed from previous years. The new format is set out in four broader topics areas rather than the six gender equality indicators (GEIs) you may be familiar with. The topic areas are:

  • Workplace overview
  • Action on gender equality
  • Employee work/life balance
  • Employee support.

You can see below how the Questionnaire appears in the Portal:

You can read more about the Questionnaire in the WGEA Knowledge Hub.

For questions about the Portal please login and lodge a support request or email us at support@wgea.gov.au.


Questionnaire screencast