Key changes to compliance reporting

Changes to the reporting period in 2021

To ensure a smooth reporting process for all employers, the compliance reporting period will begin on Wednesday 14 April and end on Monday 14 June 2021, commencing two weeks later than the usual start date of 1 April. This delay will ensure that all employers have adequate time to prepare for the changes to the reporting process and it will enable the Agency to take all the steps necessary to ensure you have a good first experience of the new WGEA Portal.

Whilst the reporting period has changed, you can still login to the WGEA Portal and prepare your data early (read: How do I login to the Portal? and How can I prepare early?).


Key changes to the Compliance Reporting Program

To help you prepare for compliance reporting in 2021, we have summarised the key changes to the reporting process below:

New Workplace Profile templates

There are two new Workplace Profile templates. The Payroll-aligned Workplace Profile includes in-built calculations, meaning fewer manual calculations of salary and remuneration data and aligns with the ATO's Single Touch Payroll system. The unit-level Workplace Profile is similar to the unit-level file from previous reporting periods. You can use whichever Workplace Profile template works best for your organisation.

Workforce Management Statistics

There is a new file called the Workforce Management Statistics file. This is a new Excel worksheet designed to collect information about your employee movements during the 12-month reporting period. This is not additional data to previous reporting periods, just a simpler format to collect information about promotions, appointments, resignations and parental leave movements. 


The Questionnaire format has changed from previous years. The new format is set out in four broader topic areas, rather than the six gender equality indicators that you may be familiar with. The topic areas are workplace overview, action on gender equality, employee work/life balance and employee support. 

Voluntary data fields

There are new voluntary data fields, including employee age, location and the inclusion of non-binary gender. This will enable much more nuanced analysis of your gender pay gaps and workforce composition. 

Manager categorisation

There are two new manager categories that better reflect the variety of roles in corporate structures. These are the Head of Business (HOB) and Key Management Personnel/Head of Business. 

Data validations

Updated data validations, enabling near real-time data checks, helping you to complete your report accurately and quickly.


Changes to the Portal platform

The new Portal is a self-service platform. Key changes to the WGEA Portal platform are:

  • An improved registration process with more automated fields, including integration with the Australian Business Register and similar criteria for corporate group reporting.
  • Multiple people from your organisation will now be able to access and use the Portal at the same time. 
  • Improved data and insights reports and a new Knowledge Hub and online supports, enabling a smoother, self-service experience.


Need help? 

Watch out latest instructional video that covers the key changes of WGEA's annual Compliance Reporting Program. The WGEA Knowledge Hub also has hundreds of articles answering all the common questions about reporting. You can explore the Knowledge Hub now. 

For further assistance, please lodge a support request in the WGEA Portal or email