New voluntary data fields

Voluntary data fields

In addition to the mandatory compliance data we collect, we have introduced several voluntary data fields which will help the Agency, and your organisation, get an even clearer picture of workplace gender equality. These data fields are optional and will not affect your compliance status if left blank, but if completed they can help give you more granular details on how your organisation is performing.

Gender X

The Agency has had many requests from employers about including staff whose gender identity sits outside of the male and female binary. When completing your Workplace Profile, you are now able categorise employees as ‘Male’, ‘Female’ or ‘Gender X’. Gender X refers to any non-binary person who identifies with a number of gender identities that sit within, outside of, across or between the spectrum of the male and female binary. Using the Gender X category is voluntary and any data that is included in this field will not be published as part of your organisation's public report.  

Office post code

Now, you can include the office post code of each employee in your data submission. This refers to an employee’s primary workplace location.

This additional data will allow the Agency to provide you with more detailed analysis of your gender equality data. It will also allow the Agency to analyse gender pay gaps be state and region.

We will be providing all employers with more detailed instruction in the lead up to reporting next year- but to help you get ready, here is some information about what you will need to do:

  • If an employee attends multiple different locations for work, enter the post code where they spend most of their time. 
  • If an employee works remotely (e.g. from home) for the majority of their time, you may choose to enter the post code of the employee’s home office location or the office they report into. 


Employee X spends 28 hours a week working in post code 0000 and 10 hours a week working in post code 1111, you would enter 0000 as their primary office post code.


When completing the Workplace Profile, there is a new column where you may wish to include the year of birth of the employee. The ages of individual employees will not be disclosed in public reports, however, in future, the aggregate age groupings may be available in the public reports.

This information will also help to give us a more granular picture of your workforce, and provide long-term benefits in our ability to provide your organisation with insights.

What do I need to do?

  • Familiarise your team with the new categories.
  • Look at the new templates and look at how you can incorporate this new data into your Workplace Profile.
  • Read more about other changes to the WGEA Portal below.

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