Introducing: Workforce Management Statistics

One of the changes many organisations told us they would like to see in our new system was a simpler process for reporting promotions, resignations and appointments. Many organisations told us that submitting large volumes of statistical data in the Questionnaire was difficult due to the questionnaire format. To help with this process we have moved this part of the report out of the Questionnaire and developed the Workforce Management Statistics templates.

Understanding Workforce Management Statistics 

The Workforce Management Statistics templates are Excel worksheets designed to collect information about your employee movements, including appointments, promotions, resignations and parental leave. Prior to 2021, this data was collected as part of the Questionnaire.   

There are now two template options to complete the Workforce Management Statistics: one for Partnership organisations and one for all other types of organisations. You should choose the template that reflects your organisational structure.

The Workforce Management Statistics requires numerical data relating to your employee movements during the preceding 12-month reporting period. You will need to report how many employees in this period: 

For each question you will need to indicate the relevant employees' employment status, gender, and occupational category.  

You will also note the inclusion of the Gender X column. This is an optional and confidential field that you may wish to complete for employees who do not identify as male or female. To read more about Gender X visit our Voluntary data fields article. 

What do you need to do? 

  • Download the Workforce Management Statistics template that reflects your organisational structure below.
  • Get familiar with the new template and the data fields required.