Workplace Profile templates

As part of our consultation process for the new WGEA Portal, employers told us that they would like to have as much of the reporting system automated as possible as well as faster upload times. To help achieve this, we have created two new Workplace Profile (WPP) templates for you to choose from. You can download the files at the bottom of this page. 

These are: 

  • payroll aligned data file: this file contains categories that match with the Australian Taxation Office’s Single Touch Payroll (STP) categories. 

  • base unit-level data file: similar to the current unit-level-file. 

Read more about which template is best for you here

What has changed? 

These two new templates will replace the previous unit level and aggregate files.

The payroll aligned file will allow you to copy the data from existing STP files straight into the WPP file, saving you time when preparing this data. It also removes the need for employers to make a number of manual calculations and will better align with most finance and payroll systems. You will no longer have to do complex calculations to produce aggregates, the reporting system will do this automatically during the upload process.  

Why have we made this change?  

These new files respond to many of the issues that employers raised with us during our consultations.  

  • The upload speed has drastically increased for both templates. 

  • You may now choose to upload the files per employing entity or a single file for a number of employing entities reporting together. 

  • There are enough rows for each employee and the unit-level format means data anomalies are quicker to identify. 

The new files also contain some new data fields such as age and location. These columns are completely optional and will not affect your compliance status. You can read more about this in our New voluntary data fields article. 

These files seem to have some additional manager categories, what do I need to do? 

We will be sending more information about the manager categories in our next update. A number of organisations told us that the manager categories didn’t always reflect the variety of roles in their corporate structure so we’ve added some additional categories for categorising your managers in a way that best reflects your internal structure.   

How can I prepare? 

  1. Review the two file formats now and decide which works best for your organisation. To help you decide which template to use, read more
  2. Speak to your payroll team and evaluate the STP-enabled software your organisation uses to see how you can use the existing categories in STP to complete the payroll aligned file. 
  3. Prepare early, don’t leave it to the last minute.  

As we get closer to reporting next year, the Agency will be sending out more information and hold information sessions about using new system.  

In the meantime, if have any questions about these changes, let us know by completing our feedback form.


Workplace Profile templates