RPF Key Performance Indicators

This document outlines the WGEA's key performance indicators and performance metrics under the Regulator Performance Framework. These metrics will be used to assess our performance and have been agreed to by the Minister for Employment.

Insights Guide

The Insights Guide helps organisations to understand the Competitor Analysis Benchmark Reports provided by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency ('the WGEA' or 'the Agency').

Technical Manual

This manual has been developed to provide users of the confidential customised Competitor Analysis Benchmark Reports with technical information that can assist in the interpretation of benchmark results.

Sample report

This is sample version of the benchmark reports provided to organisations following the submission of a compliance report. 

Annual report 2006-07

Annual report 2007-08

Annual report 2008-09

Annual report 2009-10

Annual report 2010-11

Annual report 2011-12