What we do

WGEA is a Commonwealth government agency established by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

The purpose of the Act and its two Legislative Instruments, the Workplace Gender Equality (Gender Equality Standards) Instrument 2023 and the Workplace Gender Equality (Matters in relation to Gender Equality Indicators) Instrument 2023, is to:

  • promote and improve gender equality (including equal remuneration between women and men) in employment and in the workplace
  • support employers to remove barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce
  • promote, amongst employers, the elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender in relation to employment matters (including in relation to family and caring responsibilities)
  • foster workplace consultation between employers and employees on issues concerning gender equality in employment and in the workplace
  • improve the productivity and competitiveness of Australian business through the advancement of gender equality in employment and in the workplace.

The Act requires employers with 100 or more employees to report annually against six gender equality indicators. In 2022, the application of the Act was extended to the Commonwealth public sector.

The six gender equality indicators are:

  • GEI 1 – gender composition of the workforce
  • GEI 2 – gender composition of governing bodies of relevant employers
  • GEI 3 – equal remuneration between women and men
  • GEI 4 – availability and utility of employment terms, conditions and practices relating to flexible working arrangements for employees and to working arrangements supporting employees with family or caring responsibilities
  • GEI 5 – consultation with employees on issues concerning gender equality in the workplace
  • GEI 6 – sexual harassment, harassment on the ground of sex or discrimination.

WGEA works work with employers to help them comply with the reporting requirements under the Act.

We are committed to promoting and contributing to understanding, acceptance and public debate of gender equality issues in the workplace. WGEA employees regularly speak at events on workplace gender issues and work with business, academics, equal opportunity networks and women’s groups on like-minded projects.

Our statutory functions

Our functions include collecting and publishing information relating to gender inequality indicators, assisting employers to take action, monitoring compliance, delivering programs and undertaking research.

Our programs

WGEA works with employers to help them comply with the reporting requirements under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. Find out more...

WGEA's Employer of Choice for Gender Equality Citation is a voluntary program that recognises organisations' active commitment to achieving workplace gender equality. Find out more...

WGEA produces publications that draw on the data and academic research to investigate the causes and the impacts of workplace gender inequality. Find out more...