Take action

Gender equality is good for business. Find tools and guides for every stage of your workplace equality journey, from doing a pay gap analysis, to applying to become an Employer of Choice.

Business strategy and planning

Identify and analyse the causes of your gender pay gap.

Make a business case for promoting gender equality in your workplace.

Help your workplace achieve gender equality with our resources.

Implement best practice

Practical steps to close the gender pay gap between women and men in your organisation.

Communicating with employees when implementing gender equality measures is vital.

An increasingly important form of work across Australia.

Employee support

Good parental leave policies boost gender equality in the workplace.

How to support people performing caring roles in the workplace, and ensure they’re not penalised.

How to tackle and eliminate these issues in the workplace.

Resources to help implement family violence policies and support.

Become a recognised leader

Learn how to apply for our Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation.

We can collaborate with employers to improve gender equality for all - find out how.