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We collect, analyse and publish world-leading data on workplace gender equality covering more than 5 million employees in Australia.

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Find employer gender pay gaps, information on parental leave policies, flexible work, rates of men and women in leadership and more on our Data Explorer. 

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Find out how your employer compares by industry, state and size. WGEA would like to acknowledge the contributions of RMIT Phd candidate Rida Abbasi in the creation of this interactive webpage.

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WGEA’s latest analysis compares employer gender pay gaps by industry, industry-type, business size and the role of women in leadership. 

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These are the current statistics in Australia today for workplace equality. Uncover more and compare data using the WGEA Data Explorer ⬈.
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is the current Gender Pay Gap
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of CEO's in Australia are women
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of manager roles are part-time 

Information and fact sheets

Australia's Gender Equality Scorecard Download now

WGEA's in-depth analysis of employer data from the last reporting period covering gender pay gaps, workforce composition, flexible work, parental leave and more. 


A summary of the performance of all employers in each industry against the six gender equality indicators.

Gender pay gap 21.7%

Everything you need to know about the state of the gender pay gap in Australia. 

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The ABS gender pay gap is based on base salary for full time workers only. Find out how it differs by state, industry and sector. 

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Find out how WGEA calculates and presents its employer gender pay gap data, what's included, and what's excluded. 

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Learn more about the gender pay gap and why important indicator of gender inequality in the workplace, how it is calculated and what can be done about it. 


BCEC | WGEA Gender Equity Insights Download Now

The most valuable actions employers can take to increase workplace gender equality and reduce gender pay gaps.

She's Price(d)less Report download now

Discrimination is the leading driver of the gender pay gap

Wages and ages 2022

At every age less than 50% of women in the workforce work full-time