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The Workplace Gender Equality Agency is an Australian Government statutory agency created by the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. 

In March 2023, parliament passed the Workplace Gender Equality Amendment (Closing the Gender Pay Gap) Bill 2023. This Bill made amendments to the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. 

The 2023 WGEA reform package also included changes to the associated Legislative Instruments (Workplace Gender Equality (Gender Equality Standards) Instrument 2023 and the Workplace Gender Equality (Matters in relation to Gender Equality Indicators) Instrument 2023).

Legislation guides and resources


The Workplace Gender Equality Amendment (Closing the Gender Pay Gap) Act 2023 aims to accelerate workplace gender equality in Australia. Find out what the new reforms introduced in March 2023 mean. 

Images from the WGEA communications 10 point guide

WGEA's Communications 10 point guide is for communications teams and company representatives who are responsible for talking to key audiences about your organisation's approach to gender equality. 

gender pay gap shown with man on taller coin stack than woman

Want to know when WGEA will publish employer gender pay gaps? And how we will do it? What data will we include? And what can employers do to explain their gender pay gaps? This guide has all the information you need.