WGEA Data Explorer

Welcome to WGEA’s Data Explorer! Here you can gain deeper insights into individual employer’s workplace gender equality performance. You can also compare results across:

•    The private sector (National picture)
•    Private sector industries (Industry pages)
•    Commonwealth public sector employers (Employer Results)
•    Private sector employers (Employer Results)

Aggregate ‘National’ or ‘Industry’ results displayed in the Data Explorer relate only to only to private sector employers with 100 or more employees that report to WGEA.

The Data Explorer does not include aggregate results for Commonwealth public sector employers. Aggregate results for Commonwealth public sector employers that report to WGEA are only available in the Commonwealth Public Sector Gender Equality Scorecard: Key Employer Results for 2022.Click the link to view and download the Scorecard. 

Please note WGEA will not publish individual Commonwealth public sector employer gender pay gaps until 2025. 

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