WGEA Data Explorer

The WGEA Data Explorer allows users to explore the gender equality outcomes for industries, industry sub-divisions, groups of employers by size and individual employers. Use this tool to gain deeper insights into gender equality performance and outcomes and compare results across employers and industries. Where you see the cursor icon – this indicates more information can be found by hovering over the data points. For more tips click on the link below.

The data contained in the Data Explorer is based on employer reports submitted to WGEA in our annual Employer Census. Due to the small numbers and voluntary reporting non-binary has not been included in the Data Explorer. For a detailed analysis of this year's workplace gender equality trends, download the WGEA Gender Equality Scorecard

This is currently a BETA version of the Data Explorer. It will be improved over time. If you would like to offer feedback please contact us via this page.

A note on employer gender pay gaps

When WGEA publishes employer gender pay gaps in early 2024 they will be published on employer pages on the Data Explorer. Until the gender pay gaps are published, each employer page will have a holding place for where the gender pay gaps will be published. In the meantime, learn more about what will be published and when, here - Publishing employer gender pay gaps | WGEA

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