What is workplace gender equality?

The aim of gender equality in the workplace is to achieve broadly equal opportunities and outcomes for women and men, not necessarily outcomes that are exactly the same for all.

Workplace gender equality will be achieved when people are able to access and enjoy equal rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender. 

It will require: 

  • Workplaces to provide equal pay for work of equal or comparable value
  • Removal of barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce 
  • Access to all occupations and industries, including leadership roles, regardless of gender; and
  • Elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender, particularly in relation to family and caring responsibilities. 
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How is Australia doing?

Australia, along with many countries worldwide, has made significant progress towards gender equality in recent decades. However, the gender gaps in the Australian workforce are still prevalent. 

These are some of the current statistics in Australia today on workplace gender equality.



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is the current Gender Pay Gap
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of CEO's in Australia are women
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of primary carer's leave was used by men
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of full-time workers are female
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employers took action on identified pay gaps
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of employers support flexible work