Employer gender pay gaps information hub

WGEA will publish the gender pay gaps for private sector employers with 100 or more employees for the first time on 27 February 2024. 

The information on this page covers everything you need to know about how, when and where WGEA will publish employer gender pay gaps. Employers can also find links to resources and tools that can help them to take effective action to reduce the gender pay gap in their organisation. 

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Everything you need to know about how, when, where and why WGEA will publish employer gender pay gaps from 2024. 

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Need the facts fast? This quick article covers the main details for when and where WGEA will publish employer gender pay gaps. 


In 2023, the legislation governing how employers report to WGEA changed. Find out what has changed, why it changed and how you can prepare your organisation to comply. 

Help for employers

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A comprehensive guide for communications teams and company representatives responsible for talking to key audiences about an organisation's approach to gender equality. 

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Employers have the opportunity to provide an Employer Statement that gives context to their gender pay gap results when WGEA publishes employer gender pay gaps on 27 February 2024.

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The WGEA Gender Pay Gap Analysis Guide helps employers to plan and execute a pay and composition analysis in order to identify the drivers of their gender pay gap.


Do you think your employer gender pay gap isn't right? Follow these 6 steps to check your information. 

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Register for a WGEA Masterclass to learn how to do a gender pay gap analysis and take action on the results. 

Employer gender pay gap publication UK review Download now

This research paper looks at what happened after the UK published gender pay gaps in 2017. Employers can use it as a guide for what they may be able to expect when Australia does the same.  

Education resources

Confused by the gender pay gap? And why it's different to equal pay? This website page explains what the gender pay gap is and what causes it. 

You may see different figures for the gender pay gap. The calculation doesn’t change. What changes is how people define ‘pay’ or ‘remuneration’. 

WGEA's Data Explorer allows users to compare employer policies and strategies to improve the gender pay gap. It's also where WGEA will publish employer gender pay gaps on 27 February.