Sometimes it is hard to know how or where to start when it comes to improving gender equality in your own workplace. That is why we have created a variety of tools, guides and blueprints to help you navigate areas such as flexible work, parental leave, pay equity and more.



This year the Agency has introduced two new Workplace Profile templates, the payroll-aligned file and the unit-level file. To help you complete and submit the Workplace Profile, we have created a five-part video information series explaining each step of using the files.

The Gender Equality Strategy Toolkit equips you with the skills and resources to start and/or continue the change process towards greater gender equality in your organisation.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (‘the Agency’) has relaunched one of its most utilised resources: the gender pay gap calculator. The Agency has developed the gender pay gap calculator to assist employers to identify and analyse the causes of gender pay gaps within their own organisation.

Gender bias is pervasive at work and in organisations, creating inequalities at every stage of the employment cycle, from recruitment to selection to promotion. This leading practice guide provides evidence-based suggestions for creating more equitable hiring and promotion systems.

Awards and enterprise agreements are common methods of setting pay for organisations. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms that gender pay gaps are less prevalent when pay is set by an award or collective agreement. 

Taking action to ensure equal remuneration between women and men is an important step for organisations to proactively manage any associated legal risks. Organisations are required by law to provide equal pay to employees who are performing work of equal or comparable value. 

Achieving gender equality, including gender pay equity, is a process that takes time and conscious significant effort. This guide will help you diagnose the status of pay equity in your organisation, set goals, and take practical steps to improve pay equity as part of your gender equality strategy.

This toolkit helps organisations set and meet targets to increase gender diversity in the workplace.