WGEA Action Planning Tool

The Action Planning Tool helps employers who report to WGEA identify actions they can take to improve gender equality in their workplace.

WGEA designed the tool in partnership with the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA).

Following a short questionnaire, the Action Planning Tool will deliver a list of evidence-informed actions relevant to each employer’s workplace. Employers can use this list to help develop their gender equality action plan.

The Action Planning Tool also provides reasoning for each item on the list. This allows employers to make an informed, data-driven choices about the actions they can take to improve gender equality outcomes. 

Is this tool right for me?

WGEA designed the tool for employers that report to WGEA under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012. If your organisation does not report to WGEA under the Act, please consider whether this tool is right for you.

How do I use the Action Planning Tool?

Please note the Action Planning Tool is built for desktop, it is not responsive on mobile.

You do not have to complete the tool in one go. If you did not submit your response and you use the same desktop and browser, you will be able to resume your last session.

To use the tool, employers need to enter data that has been reported to WGEA. You can find your relevant employer data on the employer pages of the WGEA Data Explorer. The Action Planning Tool does not have pre-fill capabilities and it is not linked to your WGEA profile.

As the data in the WGEA Data Explorer is from the last reporting period, you should consider policies and actions that are in the pipeline as you begin to build your gender equality action plan. It is worthwhile engaging with your CEO/Executive in the development of your plan. 

What will happen to the information I enter?

Information entered is not linked to your WGEA profile. WGEA records the responses for testing and evaluation purposes only.

You will be able to download a PDF copy of your responses and recommended actions at the end of the tool. You also have the option of entering your email address to receive a copy of your recommended actions.

Who do I contact if I have questions or feedback?

The Action Planning Tool is currently a test version, so we appreciate your feedback on any aspect of the tool. Please send your feedback or questions about the Action Planning Tool to capacitybuilding@wgea.gov.au 

The Action Planning Tool is a good starting point

WGEA designed the Action Planning tool to minimise the time employers need to take to enter data. This means some of the policies and strategies reported to WGEA in gender equality reporting are not included in the tool. The list of actions this tool produces is not a comprehensive list of actions and interventions. Any policy inclusions not included in the results should not be set aside. Additionally, some actions recommended in the tool may already be in place. In this case, they should be reviewed regularly.

The WGEA Action Planning Tool is one of several resources available to support reporting employers to progress gender equality in their workplace.